Seaside Heights, New Jersey


Seaside Heights

Seaside Heights and summertime at the Jersey Shore. As a teenager I remember thinking it was the perfect place to be. The boardwalk, everyone scantily clad on the beach, the rides, and the heat of the summer. It still remains a great place to go and have fun with your friends.

Seaside Heights is the wildest place on Barnegat Peninsula but even with that, it is a relatively nice and safe place to stay and visit. There are also plenty of other places to visit along the Barnegat Peninsula that are a bit more sedate. If you are looking for a less busy beach experience you could check out: Point Pleasant Beach, Lavallette or Ortley Beach (Dover Beach South). The Seaside boardwalk and the beach are a great place to be a kid or to take your young children. Every Wednesday night, after July 4, there is a big fireworks show that you can watch from the boardwalk. If you get tired of swimming in the ocean during the day, there is also a large water park just off of the boardwalk. If you get hungry there are a lot of stands that serve up that perfect boardwalk fare: pizza, zeppoles, ice cream, sausage sandwiches and more.

During the summer you will need a beach badge to get on the lifeguard protected beach. If you need a place to stay overnight there are plenty of hotels and motels in Seaside. You can also find plenty of places to eat and a few places to go party.


boardwalk scene, Seaside Heights, NJ the fortune teller

A late September day on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights, New Jersey.

The following video is a 1960 promotional film made about Seaside Heights. It was called "Sun and Fun." It is a bit long, at 16 minutes, but if you have spent numerous years visiting the Jersey shore it is an interesting piece. There are aerial shots and views of the beach, the bay, and the crabbing dock. More Seaside Heights History.


prizes at a boardwalk stand the view down the Seaside Heights' boardwalk midway

More scences from the boardwalk.

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