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The Beach

While there are many people that come to Seaside Heights for the boardwalk or the nightlife, the biggest attraction is clearly the beach. There is a wide third-of-a-mile of beach between the two amusement piers and a similarly sized beach that extends from the Casino Pier to Seaside's border with Ortley Beach. During a hot summer weekend the beach is full of people - laying on blankets working on that perfect tan, talking and laughing with friends, and coming and going from the refreshing Atlantic Ocean. If your not sure you believe it you can take a look for yourself via the beach cams - one looking north towards the Casino Pier and another looking south towards the Funtown Pier.

the waves reaching the beach

The surf and waves on the beach.

volleyball game on the beach at seaside heights

Occassionally there are volleyball nets set up on the beach, usually for tournaments that are put on at various times of the year.

Beach Access / Beach Badges

There are entrances to the beach at the end of most streets that end at the boardwalk. If you are 12 or older, it is not Wednesday or Thursday, and the lifeguards are on duty (see below) you are required to have a beach badge to get on the beach. There are badge checkers at each beach entrance.

Wednesday and Thursdays are free beach days. No badges are required.

A one day beach badges costs $5 and a seasonal pass is $35.

Seasonal Badges can be purchased at:

a view of the ocean from an arcade

When the boardwalk is not packed with people you can see the ocean from many of the stands and arcades.

a relatively empty beach

A late September day on the Seaside Heights beach.


The lifeguards will be patrolling the beach, weather permitting, through Labor Day. During the times of the day lifeguards are on the beach you cannot fly kites, play frisbeee or ball, surf, or use kayaks. You can participate in these activities before 9 AM or after 6 PM.

fading light in the evening on the beach

Comfort Stations / Beach Supplies

There are restrooms available on the boardwalk at Heiring, Kearney, and Webster Avenues.

Hot showers (with lockers) and changing rooms ave available, for a small fee, at the Heiring Ave Building and Boardwalk Beach Control Building.

You can find umbrellas, chairs, and rafts for rent and purchase at vendors on the beach and boardwalk.


Rip Current Safety


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